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Maryland Mechanic’s Lien Reminder Tool &

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In the state of Maryland, you must file a mechanic’s lien within 180 days of the date you last completed work or provided materials for the project in question. If you are a Subcontractor, you must also file a Notice of Intent to Lien within 120 days of last completing work or providing materials on the project in question.

Below, you will simply input the last date you completed work or provided materials on a project in the state of Maryland and the calculator will then output your respective deadlines. You can then opt-in to receive an email containing both of these dates for your reference. That same email will include a link to create calendar events 2 weeks out from either of your deadlines to remind you to file these documents. This simple tool should prevent you from ever forgetting a deadline to file a mechanic’s lien in the state of Maryland – and it’s entirely free to use!


NOTE: This calculator does not represent my legal counsel; it is only a tool to be utilized in helping individuals within the construction industry remember important deadlines that protect their right to payments through the lawful power of mechanic’s liens. In no way does the utilization of this Mechanic’s Lien Reminder Tool indemnify users from their ultimate responsibility to check these dates and lawfully file these documents. Thank you for utilizing this free tool. If you are seeking legal counsel regarding a mechanic’s lien, please click here!

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